Oh SHIT. How many Club Nintendo Coins do I have?! (rummages through couch.) Not enough! Shit!!!! (Completes survey for Game & Wario.) Oh thank God, I have 500. Now I can get a 3DS XL charging cradle when they start offering them on Oct. 31.

Serious, when I upgraded to the 3DS XL—hey, wait a minute (completes survey)—back in May, the fact I was stuck with the dumb ol' USB cord to charge it and not a matching-color cradle was a big aesthetic bummer. Fortunately, Club Nintendo is now on the case, offering one of five different-colored charging cradles on Oct. 31 for the super low cost of 500 Club Nintendo Coins.


The colors are blue, green, yellow, red and white. What? No black? Well, they're already selling that for $19 on the Online Store if you really want that.

Considering this giveaway has, like, actual functional value, and that past premiums have sold out super fast, you may wish to set a reminder to visit Club Nintendo on Oct. 31 to claim yours ASAP. As I alluded to above, you get Club Nintendo coins for all sorts of things, from registering your hardware (the biggest payoff) to completing surveys about games you've bought and played.

3DS XL Charger [Club Nintendo, h/t GiantBoyDetective]

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