Cloud Strife's Buster Sword Carved In Pencil Lead

Illustration for article titled Cloud Strife's Buster Sword Carved In Pencil Lead
Image: Square Enix , shiroi003

Twitter user Shiroi does amazing carvings out of pencil graphite. With Final Fantasy VII Remake out, what better time to recreate Cloud’s iconic Buster Sword?


Check this out:

If you aren’t familiar with Shiroi’s work, here are more of his amazing pencil lead sculptures:


Follow Shiroi on Twitter for more, and if you haven’t read Kotaku’s Final Fantasy VII Remake review, here you go.

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I like how you can keep upgrading weapons. I feel like I have no need to ditch the Buster Sword until I get that awesome baseball bat haha.

I like RPGs where you can go with any style of armor or weapon or clothes and just upgrade them. Dark Souls/Bloodborne do this so well. I wish Skyrim did it. I know I’m off on a tangent... my favorite Skyrim armor is the default armor that looks realistic. Short of insane enchantments, you can’t do much to keep iron and steal weapons and armor relevant for more than a few hours.