Closed Multiplayer Beta on Tap for UFC Undisputed 3

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UFC Undisputed 3, which releases on Valentine's Day, will get a closed pre-release beta, according to the game's producer and a THQ representative. Though no other details are available, given the online difficulties faced by THQ's WWE 12, it's widely assumed this will cover the game's multiplayer features.


Console betas in sports titles, whether closed or open, are almost unheard of. The producer of another series that has struggled with its online features, NBA 2K12, said the typically short development cycle of sports publishing, and set-in-stone release dates required by professional leagues, makes a beta practically impossible.


UFC Undisputed was moved to a two-year schedule from an annual one after disappointing sales in 2010. That would seem to make it a good candidate for a beta, although it's a bit curious this one is both closed and announced so last-minute. This will probably be done for tuning and balance purposes although, as Pasta Padre notes, given what's happened with WWE 12 and the effect its MMA franchise has on its licensing partner, THQ will probably be looking at how the online codebase performs, too.

Beta To Be Held for UFC Undisputed 3 [Pasta Padre]

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The new UFC title looks promising, but I'm going to hold off on it- at least for a while. I felt like I kinda got burned on UFC 2010. Firstly, because I bought it for $60, and it saw significant price drops withing a week or so of my buying (which is not the dev's fault), but secondly because the developers just made some terrible, terrible design choices in '10.

If I remember this correctly, they've fixed this since I last played (a very long time ago), but initially, a few characters had unstoppable takedowns. Unless you predicted that your opponent was going to shoot in on you and you held back on the right stick, you were going to be taken down, no matter what. Who on earth decided that was a good idea?

90% or more of the online UFC matches I've played (in UFC '09 and '10, but mostly '10) were made up of me attempting to counterstrike against an opponent shooting takedown after takedown just to hold me down for 3 rounds, taking potshots at me to VERY slowly build up damage, then end the fight with an extremely anticlimactic TKO.

Anyways, /rant, but I'm holding off on my purchase. Hoping that they've made standup fighting a more viable option from now on.