Clones of Swing Copters in Less Than 24 Hours

Dong Nguyen's follow-up to Flappy Bird was released today, and as developer Christer Kaitila pointed out, there's already plenty of copycats. By my count there were 25 that had been published since Swing Copters was officially released earlier today, but that's bound to increase.


When Flappy Bird became an international hit, clones flooded the app stores leading some developers to push off releasing their games for weeks. At least we can tap away, struggling for incrementally higher scores for days on end once again... except me. Because I have a Windows Phone.

One of the developers I checked even called itself "Cloner Studio." They aren't even trying to hide.

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Jonathan Ponikvar

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the market that will bring about the demise of dedicated gaming handhelds.