While we're all anxiously awaiting that other massively multiplayer online Star Wars game, Sony Online Entertainment officially launches the free-to-play Clone Wars Adventures, and you may never find a more fetching hive of fun and villainy.

Following much the same formula that made it's Free Realms so popular, Sony Online Entertainment's Clone Wars Adventures in a collection of entertaining mini-games steeped in Star Wars fiction and wrapped in a colorful cartoon shell. Starting off a brand new Jedi character treats you to an introduction of the game courtesy of some of the cartoon series' biggest Force wielders, after which you can wander about, decorate your Jedi dorm room, or engage in 13 of 19 available mini-games, from lightsaber throwing to starfighter battles.

The game is free-to-play, launching quickly from any web browser, with the option to pay $5.99 a month to become a Jedi Member. Upgrading unlocks those other six mini-games, the Zabrak as a playable race, your own house, and more customization options for your avatar. A Jedi Member will also gain exclusive members only items, access to VIP events, and is the only sort of member that can dual wield lightsabers.

Basically it's a nifty place for children young and old to muck about in the Star Wars universe. Get started playing in minutes by visiting the Clone Wars Adventures website.