Clock's Ticking On Crowdfunding For This Gorgeous Gaming Art Book

This simple mustard-colored book titled Every Day is Play could be one of the most beautiful video game coffee table art books we've ever seen. But it probably needs to get Kickstartered first. Designer and loyal Kotaku reader Matthew Kenyon is less than two days and still about $5,000 away from hitting his goal.

The thing is that Kenyon, a professional graphic designer who is trying to make this book in his spare time, clearly has the chops to make an incredible book. He's raised about $36,000 already. He's looking for Kotaku readers to help put him over the top.


Skeptical? Check out his Kickstarter page, watch his video pitch and scroll down to see some of the killer art and designs he has planned for the book.

Here are some of the sample layouts he's shown...

Artists: Sanithna Phansavanh & Sam Gilbey.


Artist: Eboy.

Here's a special edition of the book itself, along with a poster, t-shirt and other related items:


And here are two of the submissions he's received since the Kickstarter began... a ton more are show in one of his update posts:


Artist: Derin Ciler


Artist: Martijn Koch

The funding deadline is 6:15pm ET, on Sunday, September 1. I hope you make it, Matthew. I want this book!


Every Day is Play. A Celebration of the Video Game. [Kickstarter]

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