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Clock Tower Movie Forecasts Snow

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Further proof that a Clock Tower movie is really happening and not some sort of strange fever dream, Senator Entertainment has found their helpless lead character in the form of Brittany Snow. Most recently appearing in the remake of horror-classic Prom Night, Snow has also had a recurring role on Nip/Tuck as Ariel Alderman, played Meg Pryor in American Dreams, and also portrayed Amber Von Tussle in last year's remake of Hairspray.


None of those are important, however. The role that most gamers will recognize her by is the English voice of Naminé from Kingdom Hearts II, the mysterious young blonde girl who shares a strange connection with Kairi and Sora. See? The movie is gaining video game clout already. Brittany should do a fine job of spending two hours or so running from room to room and hiding from the nasty men with giant scissors. Clock Tower Strikes Brittany Snow [CanMag]

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The PS1 Clock Tower is to this day one of the scariest most suspenseful games. I remember playing with my friends at night and everyone jumping 10 feet in the air when Scissorman would pop out of a locker in the first stage.