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'CliffyB' on How to Save Game Journalism

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The blog Hardcasual is back with a bang after a lengthy hiatus, channeling the voice of Cliff Bleszinski of Epic Games (which, if you can't parse that statement, means Bleszinski didn't actually write this) to discuss some of the current problem with game journalism and reviews.

It's pretty damn funny, and touches on a lot of the current issues without being pedantic. Here's 'CliffyB's' advice on streamlined writing:

4.) Treat Words Like Lovers, Be Picky: If you don’t choose your words carefully you will piss off readers and they will leave unproductive comments like “U R MR GAY.” Even if you are Mr. Gay, which is totally fine, you want a discussion in the comments, not aggressive statements.

For example, say a journo writes, “I think CliffyB’s friggin neat and he does neat stuff.” In reality, the journo knows I’m fan-friggin-tastic, I have perfect hair, and I make for a solid best friend. Now, don’t be verbose, but try to express yourself entirely and concisely with charm and wit. And if you’re lucky, your readers will want to be your friggin best friend too.


Welcome back, guys at Hardcasual — this piece is definitely good for a read, as are several of their more recent pieces.

The Cliffster’s Badass Plan to Fix New Games Journo [Hardcasual]