Cliff Bleszinski, of Unreal and Gears of War fame, recently appeared on a podcast to talk about, well, the Oculus Rift, mostly. But he also dropped a few facts about his upcoming project which, as it turns out, will be a bit of a blast from the past.

Cliff, along with his wife, Lauren, were both guests on Kevin Pereira's latest "Pointless" podcast, where the game designer was asked about his current plans. He said:

I have a pitch, I have concept art, I know pretty much what I wanna do. (...) It will be a PC experience that will harken back to a certain type of game that we cut our teeth on, if you know what I'm saying.

On the topic of genre, Bleszinski said he wanted to do a "proper" arena shooter:

A first-person shooter. It's in my DNA. It's one of those things - a lot of these kids playing Call of Duty, I don't think they'd know what a proper arena shooter is if it'd hit them across the fucking head.


Later, he spoke about funding and the Oculus Rift in connection with his new game:

I want to get funding, I don't want to do a Kickstarter. (...) With the speed and style of the title, it would not be a good fit for the Rift. I can confirm that.


Finally, Bleszinksi mentioned where his project is right now and how he plans to move forward:

I've shown [the project] to various parties, and there are nibbles (...) I wanna do something. It's just I'm not gonna do it if the time is not right and if the funding's not right.


So there you have it: a "proper" old-school arena shooter for the PC, a game which will see Bleszinksi return to his roots. If you want to listen for yourself, look for the bits at 21:10, 21:53, 28:59, and 76:15, respectively—but if you do, take care: there's copious amounts of NSFW language. Oh, and check below for the four pieces of concept art Bleszinski's recently revealed.



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