Okay, censorship or regulation can sometimes be bad. But sometimes it can be amusing and even smart. Like this.

Starting in late November, the Ueno Royal Museum in Tokyo is holding an Attack on Titan exhibition. Livedoor News reports that, to promote the exhibit, these following posters are on display at Roppongi Station in Tokyo.

Attack on Titan shows giants eating people. So, as a funny form of self-censorship, the posters feature the giants eating things like hot dogs and fried chicken. At the top of the posters, it reads, 自主規制中 (jishu kisei chuu) or "voluntary regulation."

Here's an uncensored image from the manga for comparison:


Personally, I don't think people would get too fussed by images in the manga (then again, maybe they would?). If anything, this seems like a clever stunt to drum up interest in the upcoming exhibit.

Good, because the exhibit, which kicks off on November 28 and runs to next January 25, sounds really cool. There is special art from Attack on Titan creator Hajime Isayama, a "sound and light" theater presentation, a special Oculus Rift 3D movie, a realistic Titan, and more.


進撃の巨人展 [Official Site]

進撃の巨人展の広告がグロテスクすぎ 巨人が人類を食しているシーンを自主規制 [Livedoor]

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