This makes me feel like your 88-year-old grandpappy, but MLB 10 will have the old Polo Grounds. Back in the day, its centerfield ad read "Always Buy Chesterfield," a cigarette. Guess SCEA didn't want a T rating for tobacco reference.

As we mentioned earlier, the Polo Grounds will be available as preorder DLC for MLB 10 The Show, but Sony clarified a few more details about the venues. They will be included on the disc and they can be unlocked for free, but you have to earn every trophy in the game. Platinum status on The Show takes a lot of doing, so Sony's definitely incentivizing the preorder for nostalgia buffs.

To further whet that appetite the PlayStation blog released screens of the six available venues. It's hard for me to tell if they were able to angle the terrain to make the Crosley Field "terrace" in left. We're probably also seeing Sportsman's Park in St. Louis as it was in the 1950s, because the scoreboard's championship notations only go to 1946, and the Cardinals were in a World Series drought from then until 1964. They also did a great job incorporating the local architecture of the homes outside old Griffith Stadium. And back at the Polo Grounds, it looks like Sony San Diego managed to render the Eddie Grant Memorial as it was, in playable territory, 470 feet from home plate in dead center field.

Pre-Order MLB 10: The Show and Get Free Classic Stadiums [PlayStation Blog via Pasta Padre]


Crosley Field, Cincinnati, N.L.


Forbes Field, Pittsburgh, N.L.

Griffith Stadium, Washington, A.L.


Shibe Park, Philadelphia N.L. and A.L.

Sportsman's Park, St. Louis N.L. and A.L.\