Classic PC Series Reinvented With Female Lead

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I saw a game turn up on Steam today called Heroine's Quest. That's funny, I thought, that sounds a lot like Hero's Quest. Only with a female main character instead of a male.


Turns out that's exactly what it is. Heroine's Quest is about as perfect a tribute to Sierra's classic Quest for Glory series (originally called Hero's Quest until a forced name change) as you could hope for, from the fusing of adventure and RPG elements to the first two game's trademark visual style.

It's not a re-skin or anything, though; this is an all-new game.

The best part, though, might be that it's free. So get on it. And if you think the character selection and ability training is reminiscent of more modern RPGs, know that Quest For Glory actually pioneered a lot of that stuff.


Heroine's Quest [Steam]

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I never really understood the strong desire to play your own gender/race in every game. I don't like games with customization so much (mostly because I'm bad at making what I envision in the editors).

I very much like the idea of being a character, not myself in a different, yet very similar, body in a different universe.

I've never avoided a game specifically because it forced me to play as a girl vs a man, a colored person vs a white person, etc. And I've never thought "Yeah, this game is alright but I really wish I could be a different sex here"

I get wanting more representation, but why hate on a game just because you can't choose a gender or something? In many character development driven games it can easily double the work. Would it make a better game? For games with smaller sales targets, it's just not feasible to make that effort back.

Maybe it's just the type of player I am? I don't care much for really fleshed out customization. I find it too distracting. Games where you make things I just don't really care for those aspects of them. LittleBigPlanet, etc. I also hate open world "You can do whatever you want for hours. Isn't that cool? The main story is basically optional!" games like Skyrim and GTA.

I'd guess that has something to do with it.