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Freespace was the world's last great space combat series, a genre you may not even be aware of if you're under the age of 20.


Yet it's still quite active today; the amazing Battlestar Galactica mod Diaspora is built on Freespace 2's engine.


Given its popularity, reverence and continued practical uses, it seems insane to me that publishers Interplay have been able to very quietly sneak in and buy the rights to the series for $7500 from creators Volition and the bones of THQ.

Seriously, $7500? I could have saved up and done that. That seems insanely cheap. Well, good for them. I'm looking forward to Freespace 2: HD on Steam in 2014, followed swiftly by the "Freespace 2: HD becomes most profitable title in Interplay history" press release.

Court Documents [via Polygon]

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