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Microsoft must defend its Xbox Live billing policies in a class action lawsuit filed this week in Indiana. Plaintiff Ryan Graves says he was double-charged for a subscription under "vague and onerous terms of use" for the console service membership.


Graves says that his Xbox Live subscription lapsed when he didn't update his credit card information; when he renewed the account later with a new card, Microsoft billed him for a new sub and the one that had expired, reports Gamasutra.

Graves, in his court complaint, says he was told the billing was "not a mistake," and that he would receive a two-year subscription to Xbox Live. Graves said basically, fuck that, he didn't order any two-year subscription. And so now this is going to court.


Graves wants the full panoply of damages, from restitution, to statutory, and up into the stratosphere of punitive awards on grounds of unjust enrichment, breach of contract and other torts. He also wants Microsoft to cease and desist from this conduct going forward.

Class Action Suit Accuses Microsoft Of Double-Billing Customers For Xbox Live [Gamasutra]

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