Civilization V's Trailer Is A Love Letter To PC Gamers

Oh boy. If Civilization V screenshots were enough to get you arranging for sick leave and divorce papers, you may not want to watch this trailer. Or, you may want to. Up to you!

In addition to showing the nuts and bolts of the game - like menus (I have a fetish for menu shots in trailers) - there's also pledges that the game will not only ship with modding tools, but that the best mods can be showcased from within the game itself.

In a world where games like Call of Duty are increasingly reluctant to even bother paying lip-service to the strengths of the PC (and Mac!) community, it's great to see Civilization hasn't forgotten where its bread is buttered.


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Where its bread is buttered? PC doesn't mean anything in terms of sales these days. Xbox 360 is buttering Call of Duty's bread... Who writes this stuff? Why don't I have your job Luke?