Civilization VI Saves Games Now Across Both The PC And Nintendo Switch

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Microsoft does something similar with its Xbox/PC multiplatform releases, but for some reason this sounds a lot cooler to me: you can now play a game of Civilization VI on your PC, save it, quit, pick up your Switch and keep right on playing the same game.


Summoning the will to save your game and shut it down can be tough, so strong is Civ’s “One More Turn” appeal, but knowing that even if I got up from my desk and changed rooms—or even left the house—and my game could still be sitting there is a very dangerous thing.

Luckily then, this is more of a “oh that’s cool” kind of idea rather than a “Oh God this is going to ruin me” one, because Civilization VI on Switch, while good in its own right, is not the same as the game on PC. The console version is missing both of Civ VI’s big expansions, so obviously any save games featuring them (or mods) won’t work, so you’d need to be playing vanilla Civ VI on PC (and be logged into your 2K account on both platforms) to actually take advantage of this.

But hey, maybe you never got around to picking up the two excellent expansions on PC, and that’s you! Or maybe this is intended for anyone who got the game first on Switch and now wants to get it on PC. Or it’s just a test, and when the expansions are finally released on Switch, and this really works, we will all get fired/divorced/evicted/expelled together.



That’s rather dangerous to allow, because save files can easily be hacked using a PC—and not because of cheating. In a game as complex as Civilization, there are likely bugs in the game that can cause memory corruption, and possibly lead to arbitrary code execution. It could result in a new way to hack Switch systems.

Not that Switch needs one at the moment; the boot ROM flaw is enough to compromise the whole thing.