Civilization VI Coming Later This Year

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It’s been nearly six years since there was a new, proper Civilization game. That’s changing later this year, with the newly announced Civilization VI.


Here’s the official trailer for the game, due to arrive on October 21 on PC:

In the new game, cities now physically expand on the map, units can be combined into a single tile, and there are new multiplayer modes designed for players to finish a game in a single session. (That last one is smart!)

The new art direction seems like a combination of the mobile games and the PC releases.
The new art direction seems like a combination of the mobile games and the PC releases.

It seems like Civilization VI will make a big emphasis on expanding diplomacy , with the developers promising changes that play out over the course of the game, “from primitive first interactions where conflict is a fact of life, to late game alliances and negotiations.”

If you’ve never played a Civilization game before—like, say, me—you might be daunted by the series, but Firaxis Games is promising Civilization VI will include a new slate of tutorials designed to ramp in new players. That said, they also made a point that veterans will have ample opportunity to tweak the game to their liking, hopefully removing any worries it’s being nerfed.

There’s also a “digital deluxe” edition that offers a discount on “four DLC packs” that will “add new maps, scenarios, civilizations and leaders.”

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On the one hand, I’m SOOOOOO excited about this. On the other hand, I have over 1000 hours logged in Civ 5, so this game will probably wreck my social life, lead to sleep deprivation, and cause all my household duties to go neglected.

Like I could learn moderation with that “Next Turn” button just sitting there looking at me.