Civilization Pick-Up Lines Will Not Get You Laid

Warning: do not actually try these. Actually, warning: do not try pick-up lines, ever.


Feel free, however, to try them out on your fellow Civ fanatics, who you might actually get a chuckle out of.

Or me, if you want to see a grown man get weak in the knees at the mention of Mehal sefari, try one on me.

Baby, I got more luxury resources than The Netherlands.

Baby are you the Shoshone because you've given me a great expanse.

I adopted Piety so I could worship you.

Baby I'd bully a city-state for you.

You make me happier than Notre Dame.

You're my capital and I'm your Mehal sefari, the closer I am to you, the stronger I feel.

Credit to TheRoss4 and his buddies for drawing up a fairly big list of these, but some weren't that great, and others were a little gross, so I had to pick some highlights. Head here, though, if you want to read their full efforts.

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