Yesterday, Apple pulled a number of games that contained the U.S. Confederate flag from the app store without warning. Today, one of those games is highlighted on Steam’s front page—and players are rallying around it.

If you visit Steam store right now, you should be able to see this:

Fun fact: Ultimate General: Gettysburg, a Civil War tactical battle simulator, is not a new game. It was released in October 16th, 2014. The game’s last update hit on June 11th—a couple of weeks ago. It couldn’t really be considered a ‘hot game’ right now. There is, as far as I can tell, no particular reason for it to suddenly be featured so visibly on the Steam store out of the blue. Unless of course you take into account that Ultimate General Gettysburg was also one of the games that Apple pulled from the App Store yesterday:

Then it kiiiiind of comes across as Valve taking a shot at Apple for pulling down a game for arguably poor reasons. Whatever may have prompted this sudden visibility, Gettysburg is certainly enjoying the limelight. Currently, you can find it on the top 50 games on Steam. But, more importantly, players are populating the reviews page with evaluations that either support the game, or the idea that it might offend people for having the Confederate flag:



While there are certainly some reviews that are misguided in their support of the game, the result is still that Gettysburg is getting more attention and support right now from Steam players in light of its unfortunate removal from the App Store. Which is great and all, but hopefully civil war games like Ultimate General: Gettysburg can be reinstated in the App Store itself, too.