City of Heroes Says Goodbye Forever Tonight

Illustration for article titled emCity of Heroes/em Says Goodbye Forever Tonight

More than eight years old, City of Heroes says goodbye tonight. In five hours—at 3 a.m. EST Saturday—NCsoft will pull the plug on both the superhero MMO and its developer, Paragon Studios.


If you still have an active account, there will be a final Unity Rally in one hour (11 p.m. U.S. EST) at Atlas Park, taking place on every server in the game.


For those without access, Massively is livestreaming the final hours of this venerable franchise.

Goodbye Paragon, so long to all the villains, and farewell to the world's finest heroes.

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Adam Porter

I'm surprised it took this long for the game to die. It's been well past its prime for a while. The introduction to being able to create either a hero or villain was the only thing I really found great, and that wasn't even possible at launch. DC Universe, while not having a huge population or as robust character creator (though it looks tons better), seemed to learn a lot from CoH, and is my superhero MMO of choice now.