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City Of Heroes Mission Architect Hits Beta Servers

Illustration for article titled City Of Heroes Mission Architect Hits Beta Servers

City of Heroes players eager to get their hands on the Mission Architect tools included in the next major game update now have their chance, as Issue 14: Architect hits the test server.


Heroes and villains can now log in to the test server for NCsoft's massively multiplayer superhero game and get a head start on creating their own missions, complete with unique enemies and user-created mission text. Check out our comprehensive overview of the entire process for more information on how creating custom missions works. Those less inclined to add their creative input to the game will surely be able to no small amusement in playing through other players' creations and viciously critiquing them afterwards.


City of Heroes players can get instructions on how to access the public test server in the official forums.

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I'm tempted to try this out... the game, that is. I need a different MMO to play.