City Of Heroes Issue 15: Anniversary Has Many Faces

City of Heroes turns five tomorrow and NCsoft celebrates with the announcement of the appropriately titled Issue 15: Anniversary.

Issue 15 is all about returning enemies and looking good enough to take them on. Both heroes and villains score a high-level mission arch featuring powerful foes returning from the past, with cosmetic additions that will ensure that players tackle their trouble with a fresh face. More than 20 new faces are being added to the character creator in fact, along with some new costumes and costume change emotes, granting characters the ability to change their outfit stylishly without having to get naked.


So new clothes, old foes, and several enhancements to the Architect system introduced in Issue 14, all for the low low price of completely free. When? No clue, but at least they've announced the Anniversary update in time for the anniversary.

Issue 15 Overview [City of Heroes - Thanks Kyle!]

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