This April brings another free update to NCsoft's City of Heroes, Issue 17: Dark Mirror, bringing with it graphical updates that hold a dark mirror up to the game's regular level of detail.

Dubbed "Ultra Mode", the free graphical update coming to City of Heroes in the Issue 17 update greatly enhances the way the game handles shadows, lighting, reflections, and water effects, bringing Paragon City to life at a level of detail never before seen. You can click on the comparison shots below to make them ridiculously large, and the differences are readily apparent. Looking good there, Paragon.

The update isn't all about pretty pictures either. Issue 17 also brings improvements to the mission architect system, UI enhancements, new badges and emotes, and makes Epic Archetypes available at level 20. Also, players will be able to "confront a new and nefarious foe who will be able to match them blow for blow."

Sounds like someone's getting an evil twin! I hope they have a goatee.