NCsoft's City of Heroes is six years old, and Paragon Studios celebrates with the release of Issue 17: Dark Mirror, a free update that brings new story arcs, huge enemies, and an extremely fetching graphical makeover.

Issue 17: Dark Mirror is now live, bringing with it the promised Ultra Mode, changing the way the game handles shadows, water reflections, and lighting effects, allowing players with higher end machines to see the game in a whole new light, so to speak.


Dark Mirror refers to the new Doppelganger story arc that pits heroes against mirror versions of themselves, matching them blow-for-blow, power-for-power.

Oh, and they've added animated player tails, which many of the more animalistic superheroes would have accepted as an Issue update all by itself.

Check out the notes for Issue 17 for yourself at the City of Heroes webpage. The graphical updates alone should be enough to draw many a lapsed player back into the game for a look-see.

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