City Of Heroes Celebrates Issue 13 With Free Weekend

Former City of Heroes and City of Villains players are cordially invited back for a free weekend in order to check out the new features introduced in Issue 13: Power and Responsibility.


Now through 11:59 Eastern on Sunday night, lapsed City of Heroes players in good standing will be able to log in and play the game for free in order to experience how far the game has come since they last stopped playing. All returning players will receive a total respec for each character, and a costume tailor token for each costume slot that will allow them to take advantage of new costume pieces.


With the sweeping changes made in the game over the past couple of issues, now is the perfect time to hop back on and see how your alter ego fares in this new, updated Paragon City.

Reactivation Weekend!! [City of Heroes Community Forums via Massively]

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I used to love that game. But unless one of the new "features" is removal of XP debt, ah ain't eenterested!