City Of Heroes Brings Dead Accounts Back To Life

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Just like you can't kill a real superhero, it seems you can't kill a City of Heroes character either, as it's been announced that all the game's expired accounts are being brought back online.


This applies to both retail and trial versions of the game, and has already taken place, so if you've ever had a lapsed account your deceased hero should now be back amongst the living.

These revived characters will be available for free until the stroke of midnight on Sunday, EST. After that, you either pay up, or they return to...wherever it is superheroes go until somebody brings them back to life again.


City of Heroes Reactivates Accounts for Anniversary [Shacknews]

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They're doing this for Lineage II as well.

A week or so ago I got nostalgic to play that game.

Imagine my glee of discovering this offer, just two days AFTER I went to all the trouble of asking pretty-please for a return key on some mmo board - entering that once I finagled it, and instantly being tricked into paying for a month by NC's shady billing service (in which I clicked, by the way, BILL ME AFTER my trial time runs out, of which I was entitled fourteen days - but was somehow billed immediately).

What I found within five minutes of play, was a game (MUCH) better left in nostalgia.

And I could have just waited a few more days to do that for free.