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City-Builder + Card Game Concrete Jungle Is Really Good

So that we’re all on the same page, I will crudely reduce the excellent card game Concrete Jungle down to this: it’s SimCity vs Tetris vs Scrabble. Which sounds weird, I know, but trust me, it works.


If I was going to explain everything about the game—especially the stuff I like—I’d be typing all week, so in the video below you’ll find me taking a quick little look, running you through the basics.

The tl;dr for those who can’t watch the clip is that you build city blocks like SimCity, you arrange them to clear lines like Tetris, and you need to be aware/take advantage of the numerical value of tiles like Scrabble. Oh, and it’s excellent. And looks great to boot.

Concrete Jungle is out now on Steam, and it’s pretty cheap to boot. Sadly, this is not part of the game’s soundtrack.

Speaking of the soundtrack, as as someone to had to record a clip and put it on YouTube, here’s something (the “STREAM-SAFE MUSIC” option) that every video game should include as standard from now until the end of days:

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