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Circuit City Officially Desperate, Offering $40 HD/Controller Combo

Illustration for article titled Circuit City Officially Desperate, Offering $40 HD/Controller Combo

Circuit City might be reading Chapter 11, but that means deals for you. It's offering 20 GB 360 hard drives, and a controller, for $40. Recent Arcade buyers can round out their console for cheap.


If you bought an Arcade, Microsoft's enticing you with a $99 "starter pack" that gives you a 60GB new drive, three months of Xbox Live and other stuff. This is $50 less, which might be the right price for gamers not interested in multiplayer.


The listing says it's "your chance to get a great deal on left over promotional items." So this is stock that's been sitting around forever, won't sell otherwise, and they've priced it to move because they need any dough they can get for it.

Hey, I try not to dole out free ads, but that one definitely caught my eye. Essential hardware, even refurbished, sold at rock bottom is a pretty good tip.

Circuit City Sells Xbox 360 20GB HD, Controller at $39.99 [PunchJump]

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now if only places would offer the 120GB for reasonable prices. i feel a little shafted that microsoft screwed over original pro owners with only a 20GB hard drive.