Well, actress Kristen Kreuk wasn't hired to do Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li for her gaming skills, but for her acting. Shocking, we know.

"I've only played Street Fighter once," she told The Japan Times. "Growing up, I did watch my friends play it." Instead, she based her interpretation of the character on what was in the script. You know, what actors usually do.


That doesn't mean that she was obvious to Chun-Li — she wasn't. Going in, she knew that she wouldn't be able get her thighs as massively muscular as Chun-Li's. "I thought if we were doing something realistic, then it wouldn't be an issue," she said." But for fans, it is an issue, because that's how they see their character."

Kreuk is actually one of the brighter spots in Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, so while it may be cringe worthy to hear she doesn't actually play Street Fighter, gamers should put more importance on Hollywood just making a good picture.

'Street Fighter' star indifferent to video games [Japan Times] [Pic: Jean Snow]

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