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Red Dead Redemption fans who preorder Rockstar's cowboy game from GameStop will soon have the opportunity to vote for which unlockable in-game outfit they'll receive for doing so.


According to the Rockstar announcement, fans will vote for one of three sets of cowboy gear, with the winning set made available exclusively to GameStop preorder customers. Once the game is released, players will unlock the special outfit via a series of challenges, and once unlocked the clothing will uniquely affect how the citizens of the game world treat the hero, John Marston.

"We're privileged to have fans that are just as passionate about our games as we are," said Alex Moulle-Berteaux, head of marketing for Rockstar Games. "Having fans choose their own pre-order bonus is a unique way to let them be a part of Red Dead Redemption."


Generally an announcement of this sort would come complete with pictures of the various costumes you have to choose from, but Rockstar works in mysterious ways. They are not like us. Stay tuned for more on the clothing choices and their effects in January.

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