Choose Your Own Adventure… in Gamestop

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Over at Bitmob, Andrew Hiscock has put together this delightful "Choose Your Own Adventure" text-based adventure. The difference between this CYOA and the ones you may have read as a kid is that this one takes place… in Gamestop.

Well, technically it takes place in "The video game store," but I think we all know what that means. You'll need a die to play the game and randomize some things. Andrew suggests a 20-sided die, but it's playable with a regular six-sider.

This is great stuff, and the possibilities for future stories are limitless.

"Good day," the man says in a high voice that belies his girth. "Welcome to Video Game Store, where you can trade all your games for a new game! Can I interest you in a pre-order to reserve a copy of a game that may or may not be guaranteed?"


Now to be fair, I was just in Gamestop yesterday and the gentleman who helped me at the counter was nice, helpful, well-groomed and -spoken. But hey, I'm not the one telling the story. Hopefully we'll see more of these... might I suggest one set at E3? "Choose Your Own Adventure: The Video Game Press Event."

Choose Your Own Adventure: The Video Game Store [Bitmob]

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*Sigh* One of these days I will get respect for actually being a good Gamestop employee that goes out of his way for customers when the need arises.

Also, a day when customers realize we don't push reserves and subscriptions because we want to. Our job literally depends on it. I've been written up twice in the past year because my "numbers" were low. Despite us having some of the highest customer experience in the company.

I also look for the day when I could out customers stealing merchandise from other stores and trading it in for cash day in and day out at our store.