To: Crecente
From: Bash

Last Friday being the day before Valentine's Day, we asked Mini-Bash if he got any Valentine's chocolate from any of the little girls in his class. (In Japan, girls give chocolate on Feb. 14. A month later on March 14, boys return the favor.) Mini-Bash had been looking forward to Valentine's Day for about two weeks — slightly premature, we think.

"I was supposed to get them today? Tomorrow is Valentine's Day."
But tomorrow you don't go to school.

Mrs. Bashcraft told him not to worry, that she'd give him chocolate.

On Valentine's Day, I got a haircut (it looks awesome thankyouverymuch), and Mini-Bash came along; we planned to go to an arcade afterward. My stylist (and Mini-Bash's, oddly!) asked him if he had a girlfriend and if he got any chocolate on Valentine's Day. He kinda looked at his shoes.

"Happy Valentine's Day!" she said as she handed him a box — a box originally intended for someone else, perhaps. "There's a chocolate animal in there." Mini-Bash blushed, thanked her and blushed some more. His first Valentine Day chocolate.


When he got home, he put the chocolate elephant in the fridge and would occasionally take it out and look at it. And blush.

Late afternoon, after the hair cut. We headed to a SEGA arcade, where we saw a person wearing a Sonic The Hedgehog costume. Sonic's handler (yes, Sonic has a handler) challenged Mini-Bash to challenge Sonic to a game of paper rock scissors. He beat Sonic — Sonic threw paper, Mini-Bash threw scissors — so the character's handler gave Mini-Bash a chocolate heart. He stuffed it in his mouth after it started melting in his pocket.

And after dinner that night, Mini-Bash chomped the elephant's head. "I'll bite the legs off tomorrow."


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