Chiptune's Finest Celebrate Weezer

Online record label Pterodactyl Squad has released a free 8-bit Weezer tribute album, featuring some of the biggest names in chiptune paying homage to the band's greatest works.

I've been listening to this album all day now, and several of the tracks are really digging in, most notably Bit Shifter's "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here" and "Holiday," performed by Anamanaguchi, a band Leigh Alexander got familiar with in her May Kotaku feature.


My personal favorite, however, is Unicorn Dream Attack's "Jamie", a song that really didn't grab me in its original state. U.D.A.'s Stefen Keen does simply amazing things with the tools at his disposal. I highly recommend checking out his MySpace page to give "4l0n3" a listen.

There are a few misses in the compilation, but on the whole I find it very worth the free download.

Weezer - The 8-bit Album [Pterodactyl Squad]

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