Chips Ahoy! Ice Cream Creations: The Snacktaku Review

I eat a lot of cookies. Really, it's kind of a financial burden. One that just got worse when I walked into the grocery store and saw four new varieties of ice cream-themed Chips Ahoy, which I immediately bought and ran home to try.


Chips Ahoy! (the exclamation point is technically part of the name) are my chocolate chip cookie of choice. Sure, there are certainly better cookies out there. There are bigger cookies, softer cookies, meta cookies, and many others. But when you need a solid chocolate chip cookie to mindlessly put in your face while you work, Chips Ahoy! are always there when you need them. Not the best cookies, but they have one job and they do it well. What I'm saying is that Chips Ahoy! are the Call of Duty of cookies.

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Now you know where I'm coming from on basic Chips Ahoy! (Doesn't that exclamation point feel so exciting?) These Ice Cream Creations intrigued me, since flavor experiments like this are usually disastrous. However, the mocha chunk and mint chocolate chip varieties ended up at our office. Those are both flavors I wouldn't go for on my own, but hey, free cookies. I was surprised to find that I actually liked them, so when I came across two flavors that I know I already enjoy, I had to have them.

I wasn't terribly surprised to find that the root beer variety wasn't too great, but I felt it was important to be rigorous in my research. As for the dulce de leche variety, the best thing I can say is that as you'll see in the video, I polished off two boxes of them by the time I finished this video. Take a look at the video for a more detailed review.

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