Fudan University is one of China’s most elite universities. This week, it is being accused of not only ripping off a famous Japanese university, but also Apple. Some week!

Shanghai Daily and The Nanfang report that Fudan University in China just released a video called “To the Light” to mark its 110th anniversary. Much of it looks incredibly similar to a video the University of Tokyo released last year called “Explorer.”

In the 2014 University of Tokyo video, a female astronaut walks around the campus, recalling her time at the school. There is a voice over in English.

In this week’s Fudan University video, a female pilot walks around Fudan University, recalling her time at the school. There is a voice over in English.

[Video via Sina]

Here is a side-by-side comparison (the University of Tokyo images are on top of the Fudan University images):




According to The Nanfang, the producer behind the Fudan University clip is denying that it rips off the University of Tokyo video saying the script was “based upon the experiences of our classmates” and “completely independent.”


Still, online in China, net users have been quick to criticize the school, and Fudan University has pulled the promotional video.

The head of Fudan University’s publicity department told Shanghai Daily , “The video was removed from our official website, Wechat and Weibo accounts due to the controversy it has caused.” ShanghaiIst also reports that the university has apologized for the clip.

This rip-off allegations don’t stop there. Below, you can see the logo for the school’s 110th anniversary. Look familiar?


[Photo: txyyss]

And again, this article’s top image:


Online in China, people have been quick to point out that the university’s anniversary logo looks like the Apple Touch ID icon. Website China Digital Times even published an overlay, showing that it appears to be a match.

[Photo: China Digital Times]

I wonder what the school’s policy on plagiarism is.

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