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Chinese Students Recreate Resident Evil, Freak Out Everyone

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A group of art students at the Nanjing University of the Arts thought it was a good idea to create a Resident Evil fan film for a student get together. They proceeded to recreate scenes straight out of video games after hours on school property, bringing in dummy body parts, fake blood and weapons. They pretty much remembered everything necessary for creating a fan film, except warning the night shift security guard that they would be filming.

At around 9:30 pm last Tuesday, the night shift security guard of the design building went up to check on noise coming from the fourth floor of the supposedly empty building. When the security guard got off the elevator, he was greeted with the sound of fake gun fire, the smell of burning meat and the sight of dismembered body parts lying blood covered across the floor.


Not knowing what in the name of dodge was going on, the old man proceeded to shut down the building's elevators, pull the fire alarm and call the police. He told the police that there were armed men on campus and that there may have been a school shooting.

Alarmed at the news, police showed up on the scene. What they found was a group of upset and confused art students.


The police and the school were both supportive of what the students were doing when they found out that the supposed school shooting was nothing more than a harmless film project. The students had made their own costumes and fabricated the dismembered body parts.

Police let the students off with a warning and told them that they should inform campus security in the future, particularly if they were to film scenes with a lot of blood and gore.

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