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Chinese Sixth Grader Steals From Mother To Buy Digital Currency

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A sixth grader in China recently stole over $1000 worth of money from his mother to spend on video game currency. After finding out that he had stolen the money, the mother called the police to make a complaint against the net cafe that sold him the currency, gaining her a partial refund.

China's People's Daily reported today that a sixth grader in Wuhan had stolen money from his mother to purchase Q coins. Q coins are a digital currency used by many Tencent-related games and applications. The boy, surnamed Xu, had stolen over $1000 and ended up purchasing 3900 Q coins. The boy gave 900 coins to a friend to repay a debt. He kept the rest.

Upon finding out about this, the mother "freaked" out. Q Coins, once purchased, are non-refundable. Not sure what to do, she called the police. Mrs. Xu was directed to the Chinese equivalent of the consumer protection agency. A lengthy call later, she stormed the net cafe that sold her son the coins.


The owner of the net cafe said that there was nothing wrong with what he was doing and that he was simply conducting business. The younger Xu had the money and the right to purchase whatever he wanted. However, the owner was wrong. Mrs. Xu was armed with the "law". According to the Chinese consumer protection agency and the public security bureau, the boy was spending outside of his means. They said that the business was at fault for selling such copious amounts of virtual currency to an underage minor, who "didn't have the means to come up with so much cash."

The story is currently still unraveling, but so far it's reported that Mrs. Xu has received a $326 refund. Hopefully she'll put the money somewhere her boy won't be able to get it.


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[小学生偷拿家中6700元购买Q币 母亲报警求助] [People's Daily ]

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