Chinese Show's Imitation Of Adventure Time Is Actually Pretty OK

I firmly believe that having more Adventure Time around is a good thing. So what do I think of this Chinese short that looks a hell of a lot like Adventure Time? Well, that it's pretty damn cool.

The name of the short above is The Legend of Lucky Pie, and I'll be damned if it isn't pretty solid. The animation is a bit rough compared to Adventure Time, but considering that animation is a grueling, thankless job, I think they did alright.


According to Wendy Zhao over at Cartoon Brew:

The Lucky Pie short is currently one episode long, debuted around January 1, produced by what seems like just a team of enthusiastic animation friends (there's a photo of them here). In these posts introducing the show, they talk about how even though they have no funding and no fancy computers or studio setup, they are determined to make this show and fight the 'tacky' and 'trite' animated shows usually shown in Chinese media.

Here is a thread in Chinese that raises the question, "What do people think about claims of this show ripping off Adventure Time?" and answering it along the lines of, "Kind of, but not really."

You know what? Good for them. The short is really fun, it seems like the people behind it trying to do something cool, and I'd definitely watch more. I mean, just check out this hella sweet party these sea creatures are having.

via Cartoon Brew

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