There's been a deceptively difficult question on the test to get a job at Toei Animation.

Below, you can see a drawing that, according to a 2ch user, has appeared on the studio's employee entrance exam. Toei, of course, is famous for an array of anime, and some of Japan's most famous animators, including Hayao Miyazaki, got their start there.

The question shows a picture of a boy holding a mallet and tells applicants that it is extremely heavy for the kid. "Starting from this pose, draw five or six pictures that end with him hitting the stake," the question reads. "Please draw the character without changing his size."

Applicants, it seems, have two hours to complete the drawings.

Seems easy, no? But as famed animator Yasuo Otsuka, who worked at Toei Animation as well as Studio Ghibli, explained in a 2002 documentary, it's deceptively hard.

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