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It's that time of year again. The time when the Chinese Communist Party holds its annual meeting of the nation's big wigs. However unlike previous years, the communist party has put out a warning to the attendees: pay attention or you may lose your job.

The annual meeting of the National People's Congress of China (NPC) and the People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) is currently underway in Beijing right now. These meetings talk about everything from the future of China to the amount of money the country should be spending on stuff like, say, national security.

The thing is... these meetings, like most official Chinese meetings, are so boring that it's more exciting to watch paint dry. I know, I have to watch these meetings on TV at work.

Think of C-Span, throw in more meaningless legalese and make it two weeks long, filled with unexpressive Chinese men, and you have the two sessions. The people who attend these meetings are mostly politicians. There are influential Chinese who attend these meetings as well. Usually non-politicians will be part of the CPPCC where they "consult". An example of a member of the CPPCC who isn't a career politician is basketball star and environmentalist Yao Ming.


Due to the meetings being as boring as watching an armadillo crossing a road, many of the attendees, communist party big wigs and overall "important people" in China turn to their phones for relief. Sadly for them, the government is calling on the attendees to be more attentive.


Over the last few years, the media presence at the Two Sessions has increased, and the cameras have captured more than a few attendees sleeping. According to the Chinese press, some members have even been spotted playing games! Sounds like a senator from Arizona right?

Perhaps because the nature of these meetings are supposed to be super "cereal", the party has taken to their mouthpiece People's Daily to publish an editorial warning members to put away their phones. The editorial says that such behaviour during the meetings makes light of the situation. The warning is actually pretty strict, at one point even suggesting that offenders may lose their jobs.


Top Photo: Yao Ming via NDTV
Photos: ChinaNews, QQ News
关注代表委员玩手机:影响会风更是失职 [People's Daily]

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