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UPDATE: Chinese Man Forgets Wife And Child At Temple To Visit Arcade

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A woman and her three-month-old child were sighted crying at the gates of the Confucius Temple in Nanjing last week. The reason why the woman was so distraught was because she had lost her husband and couldn't find him anywhere.

Reported by Jiangsu China, a local printed version of the Xinhua news agency, the young mother and her child were visiting Nanjing with her husband. They had visited the Confucius Temple as a stop on their tour of the city. After going through the temple, the mother noticed that her husband had disappeared.


Seeing her husband gone, the wife went to the front office to page her husband. Thinking that he had just gotten lost within the temple, she waited for him to exit. After he didn't show up, she decided to call him unfortunately his phone was off. A few hours of waiting, she became distraught and proceeded to call the police.

The public security bureau came and went through the temple looking for the husband but no avail. They were quoted to say, "elderly and children wander off all the time, how does one lose a grown man?"


Unable to find the man in the temple, public security turned to the wife for more details about the husband, people he knows in Nanjing, where he wanted to go and what kind of hobbies he had. The wife told them that they were visiting family in Nanjing and that the husband enjoys playing video games.

Using the husbands penchant for online games as a starting point public security scoured all the local internet cafes. They found the man in an arcade located to the east of the Temple; he was inside playing games.

When police came up to him the husband was bit dumbfounded as to why they were searching for him. When they brought in his wife, he realised what had happened.

In his defence, the husband said that he had saw children playing at the arcade and wanted to see what games were inside. Once inside, he had lost track of time. As to why no one could reach him by phone; his phone ran out of power.


Luckily for the young father, public security left him with a warning and some advice about curbing his enthusiasm for games. However it's unknown how mad the mother is and what kind of retribution the young father might be in for.

Update: The original Kotaku story had some mistakes regarding the story.

It was never stated how long the father was missing - however he was found on the same day. However that was not stated in the original Chinese text and therefore was an assumption by me, the writer.


The person that scolded the father was the wife, not public security.

[90后爸爸闹事“走失” 原是沉迷游戏忘了妻儿] [Jiangsu China via People's Daily]

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