Chinese Indie Creates Movember-Inspired Shaving Game

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Movember is coming to an end and a shave may be coming up for those that grew their beards in support for men's health issues. However, for one Chinese independent developer, the shaving has only just begun.


Beard Power, a recently released mobile game by Little Big Fun in Beijing, China, is a game where the focus is on facial hair. The idea came to Favo Yang, CEO of Little Big Fun, two years ago. Yang says he started working on the game two years ago and after watching a show about Movember in, well, November, Yang decided to make the game about shaving and growing facial hair.

Armed with colourful graphics and cartoony animations, Beard Power is a good looking game. The player takes the place of a barber armed with a myriad of tools to sculpt and shape facial hair. On top of being able to remove hair, the player is also able to, through the use of a magic potion, regrow said hair.


The gameplay is simple and at times repetitive. Swiping the finger up and down can either remove or add hair. Using the twirling tool, players can also curl up moustaches and create braids. The is also allowed to try and design various different styles of face fur. You can style the characters with everything from manly handlebar moustaches to epic beards, to even just shaving everything off, including eyebrows.

On top of the endless arrays of styles to use, there is also a multiplayer function where the computer scores the shave and compares it to other players. The better shave equates to better scores.


Developed over a course of a year and half, Yang says it was difficult to come up with the right game idea. Yang previously worked on mobile games when he worked for China-based developer Happy Latte. Yang was part of the team that created games such as High Noon and Pee Monkey. With a team of what he calls "three and a half staff," Yang wanted to create a free to play game for the Chinese market.


"Unfortunately, Movember isn't very popular in China right now," said Yang. "In the future, if we have enough money, we will do a Chinese version. We want to support Movember because it supports men's health."


Kotaku East is your slice of Asian Internet culture, bringing you the latest talking points from Japan, Korea, China and beyond. Tune in every morning from 4am to 8am.

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