There are not enough words to describe how good this former housewife is at pulling off Chairman Mao.

These days, Chen Yan makes her living impersonating Mao Zedong. According to the mainland People magazine (via South China Morning Post), the 57 year-old Chen is one of a handful Mao impersonators in the country. Due to the political climate, this sort of thing is viewed with reservation by some.

As a child, Chen was taunted because of her resemblance to the Chinese leader. It was something that apparently still scarred her into middle age.

In 2006, however, she decided to appear on a Chinese television show. From then, she's been working as a Mao Zedong impersonator.


During her appearances, she does not talk. And while she pulls off an amazing Mao, this iFeng photo shows she must wear special shoes to compensate for her short stature.

As SCMP points out, Chen earns the equivalent of over ten thousand dollars per appearance.

Worth every penny.

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Photos: iFeng

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