Chinese Gangster Busted After Buying Consoles

A leader of a Chinese organized crime outfit called "Dragon" was arrested in Japan after the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department was able to nail him — for ordering two game consoles.

Suspect Rai Kinzan, 37, is in police custody. The Chinese national was arrested after trying to purchase two game consoles online for ¥39,000 (US$465) with a stolen credit card earlier this year. The retailer noticed that the shipped address did not match the card's address and immediately contacted the authorities.


Kinzan is denying this, saying he has no recollection.

The 37 year-old is employed at a Chinese restaurant, but according to Japanese news reports, he is the leader of the "Dragon" organized crime group. Over 1,800 people's credit card information has since been seized. The group most likely purchased goods with stolen credit cards and then resold them.

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