Chinese Gamer Almost Dies After Gaming Marathon

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Long gaming sessions are excruciatingly hard and tiring. They often require a superhuman constitution to endure, but gamers beware, all that stress can lead to terrible things. One gamer in Fuzhou, China had a gaming marathon during the Chinese New Year and is now in the hospital.


Thirty-six year old IT administrator Xu Yi spent the better part of his weeklong vacation playing video games. According to the Straits Times, Xu's family said that he would game all night, sleep all day, and when he woke up in the evening he would go out drinking with his friends before going back to his games. They said Xu didn't exactly love exercise, but he was always in fairly good health—but after his prolonged gaming session, Xu suddenly started complaining about dizziness and a headache.

Xu had suffered a minor stroke. Luckily, he was at home with his family, and he was aware that something was wrong. Xu went to the hospital, where doctors took images of his brain and found that he had developed several cerebral hemorrhages. Since the problem was caught early, the doctors were able to help him. Unluckily, Xu should supposedly be able to go back to his gaming habits within a month's time.


小伙放假通宵网游突发脑溢血 送医抢救生命垂危 [Tencent]

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I don't see how this can seriously be linked to gaming. What is the difference between someone who sits at a computer at work all day then sleeps at night? Or sleeps all day and watches TV all night? Perhaps he just wasn't in as good of health as they thought.