Chinese Consoles Invade India

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Video games are hot in India right now, but don't expect to see many of these gamers on Xbox Live or Playstation Network anytime soon.


According to The Economic Times, Indian gamers are buying Chinese consoles over their branded counterparts.

Honey Singh, owner of an electronic shop in south Delhi's Nehru Place said "We manage to sell only four to six branded play station games in a month due to their high price. But Chinese games get sold every day in large quantities."

Chinese consoles are vastly cheaper in India than anything we're used to playing stateside, but the software is the real kicker. Chinese games range from 500 to 1,000 Rupees while branded games cost a minimum of Rs. 5,000, roughly $112.59.

The ever-frugal Indian gamers are moving towards digital distribution as well, downloading more and more games online.

With major titles selling for almost twice the price of games in the U.S., I'd be playing whatever Xbox-looking-Playstation-controllering-Gameboy-playing console I could find too.

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Indian Youngsters at Home with Chinese Video Games [The Economic Times via]



roughly $112.59

This is the same price for games in Australia. I find it really hard to believe that it's costing retailers or publishers $40-60 per game to get them in stores and sell them (tax). They don't even have to spend money on locallization because Australia is a PAL region which means we get European English. Essentially as it stands they're strangling the industry and preventing a lot of growth that the industry in general would likely see if they priced more reasonably.

It's a lot of the reason a lot of Australians turn to torrents or buy through Steam/importers. It's a shame that the general Australian public are too uninformed about the situation and they don't realize the pricing in other countries or alternative methods of purchase.

Things don't seem to be changing either. Where I am, prices used to be $100 creeping to $110 a few years ago and are now $110 creeping to $120.