Chinese Company Is Giving a "Doomsday Vacation" to Employees

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On December 21, the world will end. So said the Mayans, apparently, and how can the Mayans be wrong?


And while NASA and other rational heads believe that the world will chug on post December 21, one Chinese company, Chengdu Higgses Internet Technology Company, isn't taking any chances.

In fact, it's doing one better: giving employees the "doomsday" off. That sounds like a snow day, but with more misery. The memo is apparently giving employees a two-day "Doomsday Vacation" on December 20 and 21:

To all Comrades in Arms:

In light of the special meaning of December 21, 2012, and after careful consideration, the company has reached the following decision: [To make] 2012 "Doomsday Vacation" arrangements, with vacation days on December 20 (a Thursday) and December 21 (a Friday), for two days in total.

We hope that during this vacation time, everyone will take the following steps:

1. Please take measures to prevent fire and theft.

2. You may choose to entirely shut down your cell phone for the duration of the vacation to ensure you are not bothered.

3. As everyone is usually always busy with work, we suggest you take advantage of this "final" time to spend more time with your closest family.

We wish everyone a meaningful "doomsday."

According to Tea Leaf Nation, the memo appears to be tongue in cheek, and an excuse to give overworked employees much needed time off. Or it could be a way to cut any lack of worker productivity off at the pass before those end times fears screw up the week's workflow. Whatever it is, a four day weekend beats a two day, apocalypse or not.

Likewise, here at Kotaku, we hope everyone has a lovely Doomsday. Remember, Doomsday only happens once, so do make the most of it.

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Okay, okay... I'm 99.99% sure that nothing will happen, I can't wait to wake up on the 22nd and piss myself laughing at the "crazies" who blew their life savings away on "red." But admit it, deep down, there's always the "what if" ... You know, the uncertainty, the 0.000000001% chance. Anyone else feel this way? because I for one, am going to be one nervous individual on 11.59 pm 20th December 2012....Actually that sounds ridiculous, I won't......But what IF? :/