Chinese actress Li Xiao Ran (李小冉)is known for many things in China; she's famous for her roles on both the big screen and the TV screen as well as her prowess as a dancer. The one thing that she really isn't known for is being a gamer, and now she's out to change that.

Best known for her roles in Hong Kong movies Dragon Tiger Gate and Wu Xia, Li made a recent appearance on the popular Chinese variety talk show "Day Day Up" (天天向上). On the show, Li claimed that she was a gamer, and that her love of video games and gaming culture is so extreme that she could be classified as a video game "Kong" (游戏控). The "Kong" suffix is basically Chinese for otaku (nerd), and Ms. Li says that she's a gaming otaku.

During her appearance on the show, Li was the mystery guest—the hint about her contained a tiny tidbit about how Li can play five different games on five different tablets at the same time. Li herself claimed on the show that whenever she has time she plays online games, saying "When I'm at home I can play on my computer while I'm eating."

Unfortunately there isn't a video or pictures of Li playing on five tablets at once, but many believe her. Chinese games are often designed to be played with one hand so that the player can smoke or eat while playing, so playing multiple one handed games isn't that hard. Li's also been known to play video games during the little off time she receives during film shoots, and other actors she's worked with have called her out on her gaming.


Li's status as a gamer isn't anything new—on another talk show last year, Li said that her ideal partner would have to be a gamer, someone she can play with. However, Li is probably one of the biggest mainland Chinese actors/actresses to be a gamer, Edison Chen aside of course (though he's also Canadian and in Hong Kong).

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