In the past few years, there have been an increasing number of illegal rooftop villas added as extra floors to existing structures. Some of the most egregious ones have been reported and taken down. One man, however, thought his rooftop villa would go unnoticed thanks to camo. He was wrong!

According to People's Daily, the apartment in Guangzhou is suspected of violating the country's building laws by adding extra floors above the penthouse. To hide the add-ons, the owner seems to have covered them with vines, foliage, and green paint. People, of course, noticed!

NetEase reports (via The Nanfang) that the add-on floors' extra weight could be causing structural fractures in the building.


"空中密林"做掩护 广州天河北惊现最牛违建 [People's Daily]

广州小区疑现违建 "空中密林"掩护加盖 [NetEase via The Nanfang Insider]

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