Chinese teens have figured out a way to pass the time: making human helicopters and spinning around. Hey, sure beats schoolwork!

Warning: These GIFs might make you dizzy.

In Chinese, spinning around with your buddies like this is called a "human body helicopter" (人体直升机 renti zhishengji), among other names like "human body carousel" (人体旋转木马). According to Kotaku's Beijing-based reporter Eric Jou, this isn't exactly a new playground diversion—though, the viral GIFs do give it a new, forgive the pun, spin.

Human helicopter GIFs increasingly began to appear on Chinese bulletin boards like and on popular Chinese sites like TTmop earlier this month, as well as on the country's version of Twitter, Weibo.


Below, you can see some of the people 'copters that have been appearing online in the country—notice how people try to cram more and more friends as they spin around and around. An accident waiting to happen!

And that's how you chuck your friends across the classroom.

But add more people!

Yes, more people!


Even the police are into this.

Here's a variation on the spinning human carousel.

This seems easier!

Until you add someone in the middle.

Let's take a time out.

Now, everyone spin, spin, spin!

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Eric Jou contributed to this report.

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